Triknowlogy is the study of tri-incidences. Tri-incidences are the simultaneous manifestation, from the combining of three “things”, to create a single whole new “thing”.

      This is an attempt to point out some observations, of the combination of three things from the most basic points of view. Science, philosophy and religion are full of examples of where these occur.

      The number three has had volumes written about it. Every discipline has had its physicists, philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, astronomers, clergy…etc., revealing the intrinsic nature of the third whole number through triads, trinities, triplexes and a host of other relationships. However, the relationship itself seems important and over looked.

      It's amazing how natural the combination of three permeates our existence. From our three- dimensional universe to the past,present and future of time, to the three states of matter being fluid, gas or solid, to the proton,neutron and electron making up every atom that makes up everything else, to our three personal heavenly bodies of the sun, earth and moon for every man, woman and child to see. Tri-incidences just are and seem to be everywhere.

      Let’s start as basic as it gets, at the real beginning for each of us, our own individual selves’ or what each of us call, me, myself or I. So, to get to the point, when you concentrate on your self, particularly as you fall asleep every night, in your own personal world, you inevitably realize, the whole of existence is put into three categories; your consciousness, everything else or the universe, and time. There is nothing outside of these three “things.” They just are. And each seems only to exist in unity with the other two. With some thought, this simple reality can not be denied or even ignored.

      Everybody realizes that their consciousness “Is”. And “Is-ness” is everything. And everybody realizes that their consciousness is in a physical body and that their physical body is in a physical universe. And everybody realizes this is happening as time passes constantly and consistently. This just is.

      This is first. This is the primordial tri-incidence of our existence. It takes three “things” to start the beginning of awareness or being a, me.

      So let’s look at everything else, time, and our awareness of it all.


      The universe is within space and space is simply nothing and of course consistent. However, space is three-dimensional and its size is infinitely large and infinitely small. It consists of nothing, but has everything within it. Of coarse, empty space doesn’t make sense without matter or some thing to compare nothing to.

      Matter is the opposite of space. It is everything else and it is also three-dimensional. It manifests itself in many forms and in no certain forms, like some energy’s such as lightning and electrical current, etc. It is everything and anything that is not nothingness or absolute space.

      Scientists proved that all matter is made up of atoms and/or their properties (like energies). Also, they proved that the atom, the most basic building block of all that is, is made up of three things; protons, neutrons and electrons. This is the primordial tri-incidence of matter. And we have found about 118 different combinations as detailed in the Periodic Table. And we know when the three particles are combined to make one atom, the atom is 99.999 per cent empty space, with the proton and neutron together like two peanuts dancing in the middle of a football stadium while the electron, about the size of a pin point far away, revolves around them so fast it looks like a cloud the size of the stadium.

      Also, all matter from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, follows all the laws of classic physics exactly and consistently, 99.999 per sent of the time, starting with the basic law that state F=MA or Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. Every other law in the basic discipline of classic physics is a derivative of this simple formula, which is another tri-incidence. And modern physics has now found that the atom can be a particle ( where it follows all the laws of classic physics ), an energy packet or a wave, or all three at once. Scientist have also proven that a single atom can be in two places at the same time. And just recently scientist have discovered that electrons, neutrons and protons, the three "things" that make up the atom, are made up of even smaller " things " they have named quarks, leptons and bosons! And these particles incredibly appear and disappear about 300 times a second! Where do they go? where do they come from?


      Everything also exists within time. And time is easily seen as the tri-incidence of the past, present and future. Consciousness could not exist without time simply because just to observe and process an observation takes time. Space without time could only be a point. In fact these three primordial “things” in space; consciousness, matter and time come forth in unity to create existence and one can’t exist without the other two. This is the primordial tri-incidence of existence. This is not just a belief, it can’t be denied!

      Another observation is that time is thought to move in a straight line from the past to the present to the future. But the past doesn’t become the present and the present doesn’t become the future. The opposite is true. The future becomes the present and the present becomes the past! So time actually flows from the future through the present and into the past. Also, time moves so perfectly constant the present barely exists. What we see, remember, understand…etc. is actually blocks of time or moments remembering the past or imagining the future or an imagined combination of the two. Just because of the speed or the time it takes light, sound or any other force that flows through our senses to our brain and consciousness, everything we observe, is a past event. For example, a snail takes three seconds to become aware of a light being turned on. Humans become conscious of the change in about one seventh of a second. (That’s why film was shot in seven frames per second, the eighth would be subliminal.) Another example is if the sun stopped shining we would not know it for six minutes. In fact, the light from the stars is extremely old, with our closest stars’ light having left that star four years ago and this star isn’t even large enough for its visible light to be seen by the unaided eye. Furthermore, the growth of seconds, minutes and hours into days; days, weeks and months into years; and years, decades and centuries into millennium glimpses the progressive nature of tri-incidences.


      So, consciousness is, in its simplest understanding, a perception of the awareness of thinking, feeling and interacting with matter in space (following all the laws in physics). Again, this would not be possible without matter and time. There must be something to think about and the time to think about it. So with time as a given, matter must also be consistent in order to organize and categorize and to make sense of. The laws of physics must be in place first. So, why doesn’t a statue held in your hand just crumble into a pile of sand? And now that we realize subatomic particles appear and disappear we ask what causes that? Obviously, just as you must have to have a thought of action before you can create an action, what’s interacting (enforcing or allowing) to make all the laws of physics work, creating and holding atoms together, from the atomic to the cosmic level, to manifest through matter and movement, must also be a consciousness. Some obvious macro examples of the permeating existing wholeness of this consciousness are schools of fish, herds of animals and flocks of birds. Their synchronized movements are only made possible by tapping into this larger consciousness. Attempted tapping by humans is evidenced by praying, meditating or simply asking a question in your mind. This consciousness which caused and is causing the universe is everywhere at once. This consciousness could be called “Atosmic” consciousness. It permeates the universe. It is whole unto itself and lies within space. And it is 99.999 per cent consistent and indifferent. And out of this consistent indifference we have found atoms have been provided a perfect stability of chaos to combine into complex structures, from the simplest hydrogen atom to stars and galaxies, or from the atomic level to the cosmic level, though co-incidence. Does this show a creators brilliance?

      Scientist have proven that over time these complex structures of matter then combined with complex structures of energy (which is just some type of matter (a particular atom) at its highest acceleration) creating an electromagnetic force (like lighting), to combine with gravity and create a pathway to building a cell. And out of this primordial combined tri-incidence of forces (gravity, electro-magnetism and the large and small atomic forces) a pathway was created for amino acids and other molecules to combine into cells and each cell brought into being its own individual consciousness, a single point of view, separate from, within and in sync with Atosmic consciousness. The cells, through simple evolution, then gained the ability to duplicate themselves by building on all the laws of physics. As these cells gathered and leaned how to work together (the first society?) and create a collective consciousness they grew into bodies which created senses to observe the forces around them and discriminate what brought positive or negative feelings.

      This cellular consciousness is easily seen today as the body grows, and especially as it heels itself by digesting a constant flow of atoms through eating, drinking and breathing. The body digests food, fights invasive viruses, cleans blood, turns protein and sugar into pure energy, makes a baby and does a million other things all at the same time, continuously and consciously, without any personal thought. And every cell reacts instantly to what every other cell is doing. This could be called “Body” consciousness.

      Third, and obviously, we have our own “Personal” consciousness, our individual awareness, who we call me, myself or, I also known as your thinking self. This consciousness itself is a tri-incidence of three awarenesses. A simple example is experienced when driving a car, listening to the radio and thinking of a solar eclipse. A book could be written on this tri-incidence alone. So, we are easily seen as a Personal consciousness within a Body consciousness, within an Atosmic consciousness.

      So the who, what and where are, in the simplest, broadest sense this. Who, is described as a consciousness, within a consciousness, within a consciousness. What, is described as the combination of protons, neutrons and electrons. Where is described as three dimensional space. This is as basic as it gets. Expanded concepts can move in any direction exposing many more tri-incidences using this dialectic reasoning.


      All that has been said above are just simple observations anyone can make. It is all undeniable.

      So before space and matter existed, there must have been a self awareness or consciousness of nothingness, the first logical thought. As soon as the desire for anything other than nothing happened the second logical thought occurred. Then everything else was created in an instant. Thus the Big Bang, the third primordial thought.

      While earning degrees in environmental sciences the awareness of how existentially permeating these sets truly are, occurred to me. Again the set of past, present and future of time; the set of solid, fluid and gas of matter; the set of protons, neutrons and electrons of the atom; the life molecule of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms; the charges of positive, negative and neutral; energy manifesting as particles, packets and waves; the levels of existence or awareness of atomic, our level and astronomical points of view; primary colors of blue, green and red; the three forces of the universe of gravity, electromagnetism and the combination of the weak and strong atomic forces of the atom; the three speeds of astronomical movement as the earth revolving at a speed close to 65,000 miles/hour around the sun, as the sun spirals through the galaxy at a speed close to 365,000 miles/hour and within a galaxy that’s accelerating to over 3,500,000 miles/hour in the expanding universe where the earth is correctly compared to a particle of dust in a cloud and on and on seems omniscient.

      Triknowlogy, also importantly reveals a categorizing of tri-incidences as well. Take for example time with its tri-incidence of past, present and future. When we look at another tri-incidence like consciousness we find that Body consciousness must be in the present or I could not be writing this. Personal consciousness comes out of the past putting Atosmic consciousness in the future column.

      The first or original and largest tri-incidence of Time, Space (and everything in it) and Consciousness categorizes all the tri-incidences.

      This is a short list in triknowlogy. There must be many more tri-incidences and maybe everything is part of some tri-incidence. I hope greater minds will pursue. Here’s a point of view for some of them.


      The mind, body and spirit combination is a commonly accepted concept of the Who or what we are. They can be seen as, Personal, Body and Atosmic consciousnesses, respectfully. Mind, body and spirit concept is another obvious tri-incidence. Most people believe they are real and inseparable. Although many people find it hard to realize the existence of spirit, it could be viewed, in its simplest form or understanding, as the potential, support, force or desire of the mind and body to maintain and grow both it-selves. Sometimes it’s called the unconscious or subconscious mind that gives rise to conscience. And it seems sometimes that mind and spirit could be reversed or are the same because they are very similar in that, in contrast to the body, which is obviously physical, the mind and spirit seem not to be. However, observe that the mind relies on the known or the past and the organization and consistency of facts like Personal consciousness where as the spirit has no boundaries like the future or Atosmic consciousness.

      Now look at time again. The Body or cellular consciousness is obviously in the present or I could not be writing this. The Personal consciousness comes out of the minds unique past history. And like Atosmic consciousness, the spirit has no boundaries, like the future.

      Existence could be observed as the creation, maintenance and destruction of solids, liquids and gases within a consciousness (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva [Hinduism]). It seems that everything in existence can be lumped into these three words, everything except the basic atom. At this level the atom can’t be created or destroyed. It can only change. It is a particle, an energy packet or a wave or all three at once, another tri-incidence.

      Simplifying, life is the flow of solids, liquids and gases through a consciousness (even with plants). However, starting before birth, life is a parental idea. As the idea grows, the act of love making manifests itself through the thoughts and actions of two people. They don’t actually create anything new, but only make the possibility of creating, have a greater probability of creating something new. Personal consciousness relies on Body consciousness which relies on Atosmic consciousness. If all goes well (as hopefully planned) at conception cells start dividing into millions of cells and a sensual body is created and at a certain point its own heart starts beating. However this body is not a separate and new life yet. It is still completely dependent on its mother exchanging solids and fluids and gases. If the mother dies so does this body. Of course modern medical miracles could save the child if it is ready to start breathing, which is the next step in the creation of life.

      Birth happens at the moment the new body leaves the mothers womb. However, within the next few moments the baby must start breathing on its own, usually indicated by its first cry. Like all life forms it must recycle solids, fluids and gases in order to exist With its first breath Personal consciousness is realized and it can sustain itself (even unconsciously) for a time before it needs more nutrients or a constant flow of solids, liquids and gases so it can maintain. This must be the moment of the beginning of a personal life.

      It’s been said, everything can be put into numbers and numbers are at the base of every science. We view and organize almost everything through numbers. Every number both whole and every kind of fraction is mathematically a tri-incidence of a numerator, denominator and an exponent. Whole numbers just have the number one for their denominator and exponent simultaneously.

      Another identified tri-incidence is one that covers everything from electrical charges to bacteria to human attitudes. That is the concept of positive, negative and neutral. In relation to the last tri-incidence, creation would be positive, destruction negative and maintenance neutral. Also along the lines of a dualistic nature where every action has a reaction in a world of opposites there is always a middle ground which gives rise to understanding tri-incidences. A simple example of this is the tri-incidence of breathing. The flowing in and out of air must be controlled by stopping the flow in and the flow out. Without stopping reversal could not manifest and there would be no breathing. Breathing is a tri-incidence.

      Since creation is positive, the beginning of creation must be positive as seen through the eyes of pure logic. However, before anything could exist there had to be a wish, desire, attraction or reason for something to exist, which could only come from a consciousness. Since desire is a derivative of love, love had to be the first thing to exist. But love, as we know it, is a thought or a feeling, not something tangible. Yet, even to us it seems to create energy. And energy is interchangeable with matter. Tangibility isn’t a prerequisite for existence.

      Loves’ first and only creation would have to be that of a complete consciousness, a point of view that could be aware of and separate from its self, with ALL abilities so that love could be seen in All ways. And from this complete consciousness, all else was created. Matter was created from this pure energy manifesting into particles, energy packets and waves. So then everything can be contained in these three words; love, complete consciousness (god) and everything else. Some say that God is love but maybe like the neutron and proton dancing in the center of every atom, God and love dance at the center of every consciousness.

      The tri-incidence of the Holy Trinity in Christian religion might be compared to the mind, body and spirit, this way. First the Son is the perfect example of the body. The Father represents the knowing mind. The Holy Ghost is obviously spirit. Maybe that’s why, as it is written, Jesus said that the Holy Trinity is the most important thing there is.

      Three-dimensional space may be seen with time on its horizontal line, the body or growth as vertical and consciousness with depth.

      As we try to see existence as a whole we can put everything in another tri-incidental nutshell. There is the observed, the observer and the process of observing. To categorize, the observed is obviously in the body or physical column, the process of observation takes time of the mind so the observer is the consciousness.

      To categorize the parts of the atom the recognition of the proton and the neutron being similar in the fact that they are at the center of the atom, is like the observer and the process of observing being in the mind. The electron and the body is what’s being observed The observer is always trying to be neutral so as not to influence observing with any bias and the process has to be positive like the proton just in order to advance.

      An extremely important tri-incidence in our living world is water. The basis of physical life begins with the molecule H2O. Two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom. Water is similar in that two parts are the same putting the oxygen atom in the matter column.

      Another example is the simplest formula in physics; F = MA or Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. Looking at acceleration, like when you step on the gas pedal in a car, is sequential. Speed changes after having depressed the gas pedal. So acceleration is a product of a past event putting it in the past column. Mass like all physical properties is in the present putting the force in the future column.

      Albert Einstein’s equation of E = m x c (squared) or energy is equal to mass times the speed of light (squared) is the derivative where energy is the force and the speed of light is the acceleration.

      The three states of matter could be seen as the solid being physical like the body, the mind as fluid and the spirit as ever expanding gas.

      The three states of the atom could be categorized from the point of view of the particle as being in the physical world like the body and energy packets are like thoughts in the mind, putting the wave in the spirit column.

      There are also three points of view. As we look at the world relative to ourselves we observe everything at the level of body consciousness. We see animals, plants and rocks etc., as whole things. At a smaller level with the aid of microscopes we see cells then molecules and down to a perception of atoms through intelligent imagination from personal consciousness. And then with telescopes (macroscopes) we look out into the universe to get an astronomical point of view. So imagine being small enough to see electrons, protons and neutrons as wholes and big enough (or far away enough) to see the universe with all it’s galaxies as a whole.

      Along with RNA and proteins, DNA is one of the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. And DNA, life’s most basic building block, is a tri-incidence.

      In the beginning there was nothing……!!!!!!.......NO!!!!!!......EVEN nothing can’t exist ,,,,,,,BEFORE,,,,,,,Consciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Triknowlogy is a book of simple observations. It shows that as complicated as things seem to be, they must be just as simple.

      Triknowlogy looks at everything equally and sees everything as equal to each other. Everything is not judged, it just is or it isn’t.

      Maybe, there must be a sequence from one tri-incidence to another, from the beginning!

      The earth, the sky and our consciousness is the tri-incidence we all personally live in daily.

      Everything, each one of us, comes from the same source, love.

      To make things simple seems to help unite thoughts, people and consciousness.

      Everybody seems to be able to easily remember three things at a time.

      I hope Triknowlogy can spark the fire of understanding of who we really are.

      IT is so much bigger than we can even imagine!!!

      Spirit motivates the mind as the mind motivates the body.

      Tri-incidences are not like coincidences, they are the structure.


      Please feel free to write to me directly for more information or to make suggestions or comments. My email address is b3333s1@gmail.com. Suggestions, questions, additional information and critiques are very welcome.