Our Future in Space
James Adrian
      Some people fear that secret societies are scheming in threatening ways to limit the population of the earth. Many more believe that the earth will be destroyed by overpopulation. I believe that our sheer numbers will not destroy the earth. We could populate every acre on land and on the oceans if we wanted to. More importantly, we need to occupy otherwise empty space, not just the surface of planets. We will need all of our people, and many more of them, to ensure that humanity survives. In general, the great volume of space will be our most secure and reliable habitat.

      We are to multiply and flourish on earth and in the vicinity of stars. Our inventions will solve each problem that we perceive. Throughout space, the radiant energy and ion storms that have been so hazardous to our astronauts will be used to our benefit in our machines and dwellings. Our future is not tied to the surface of planets. Nobody should be scheming to reduce the population of the earth, or to reduce our population growth anywhere.

      Our advantages and opportunities are abundant. Currently understood technology is capable of capturing huge amounts of energy and materials in space. Overpopulation of the solar system will not happen anytime soon.