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Small Business
by James Adrian
      In a culture that values the wellbeing and happiness of its people, small business is always essential. If a country is to thrive, hard work on the part of people of ordinary means must often produce increased prosperity for them. Without this incentive, economic failure of the society is the inevitable result.

      Further, if the only path to economic advancement is employment within a large organization, The society becomes one where too few people decide too much for too many.

      Innovation, choice for consumers, and economic prosperity for citizens is not optimized by a country that allows its economy to be ruled by very few organizations that are extremely large.

      The immoral (but somehow lawful) mechanisms for limiting new competition in the marketplace have damaged the reputation and attractiveness of free enterprise and entrepreneurship in the minds of many educators and parents. The basic facts of self employment are not routinely taught in grade school. Huge donations to re-election campaigns have not-so-mysteriously been associated with a slanted playing field in which fewer and fewer people of ordinary means succeed in profitably delivering value to their fellow citizens.

      Addressing this problem should not, and does not, require a violent revolution. It requires teamwork.

      This website invites would-be and practicing entrepreneurs and growing small businesses to engage each other and Future Beacon in popularizing the gift of free advertising and free informational services to individuals and the smallest of businesses.