Safe Websites
James Adrian
      Whether you have a website or not, you need to avoid malware secretly downloaded from malicious websites. They can wreak havoc on your computer, and through your computer, alter and even destroy the websites that you update.

      One trick that I have noticed recently starts with an email message that either announces or assumes that you have subscribed to a new and wonderful source of information that will be sent to your email address periodically. If you did not subscribe to this source, be wary. In my experience, many of these sources misuse your attempt to unsubscribe. They take the opportunity to download malware onto your computer. I would not recommend unsubscribing. Empty your junk mail folder more frequently instead.

      Internet searches pose a more difficult problem. You need software that warns you that the website you are about to visit is dangerous. Some internet providers offer free software to do this for you. I would explore that option first.

      There are browsers that include this service, but I would not buy one that is not written by a large and famous company. Such technically sophisticated browsers in the hands of malicious sources can be very damaging.

      If you have a website and you are not famous yet, there are measures you can take to assure your visitors that your website is safe. The judgement of a large organization that compiles a list of malicious websites can evaluate your website very quickly. Here are three:



      Google Safe Browsing

      I would place these links on your website.

      HTML5 has now become the stable and final language of the Internet. I recommend that you write your website in HTML5 and take all of its recommendations seriously, including its recommendation against tables. Keep your source code easy to read. Include comments if necessary. Do not appear to be hiding or obscuring anything.

      To protect your website from malicious attacks you should consult your hosting service. I recommend GoDaddy.com. I have been with them since the beginning of the Internet.