Natural Gas Cars

      Vehicles powered by clean-burning and plentiful natural gas could become enormously more popular if the amount of natural gas stored at a given pressure were to increase by means of nanometer-sized catalysts placed in the fuel tank with the natural gas. The race to find the best material is on.

      As of April, 2017, natural gas powers more than 150,000 vehicles in the United States and roughly 15.2 million vehicles worldwide.

      A few hundred fueling stations is far too little, but the potential for growth in this number is very great. The U. S. Energy Information Administration has said that 32 States in the U. S. produce natural gas and 24 of them do so in large amounts. The United States has a huge pipeline infrastructure motivated originally by home heating. There is no reasonable doubt that the number of fueling stations will grow to meet demand. In turn, the expected increase in demand is predicated upon a technical advance that theoretically can dramatically improve storage density.

      Natural gas can be made into a liquid fuel, as seen here.

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