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James Adrian

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      It seems unlikely that a world without personal strife could ever be constructed, but the severest miseries of the world can be discontinued if the guidance that is already available is taken seriously. Please consider the following:

      If you always tell the truth, unbiased by your own wants, your word will be trusted.

      If you each may not murder, then collectively you may not murder.

      If you honor your children, they will honor you.

      If you cast aside envy, you will see beyond it.

      If your culture never steals, it will prosper.

      If parents refrained from teaching their children to hate others, wars would subside.

      If armed forces strive to restrain aggressors by non-lethal means, they will be widely revered for their service to humanity.

      If you remedy oppression by nonviolent means, you will maximize liberty while minimizing injury and death.

      If prisons are made safe for prisoners, more prisoners would want to be rehabilitated.

      If you never answer and unkind comment with an unkind comment, others will cease to be unkind to you.

      Happiness is achieved by sincerely caring about the wellbeing and happiness of every person.

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