Future Beacon
The Coming Financial Adjustment
Bill Barlow, Sr.
      The Historical record reveals that governments do not collapse before they hyper-inflate their currency. Today, the United States of America (USA) and much of the rest of the world are facing hyperinflation, as obligations mandated by law become unfunded or underfunded mandates, accompanied by out of control, government spending deficits, which currently amounts to some 18 trillion dollars in this same USA. See U. S. Debt Clock. Government retirement benefits, which may include a massive number of teachers, are scheduled to skyrocket with the continued growth of retirees, and will soon outgrow the government’s ability to tax, without destroying the country.

      When obligations increase in a nearly exponential manner, and the value of a government’s currency decreases in a like manner, it is aptly named “runaway inflation." Unfortunately, there are no safe turnoffs (soft landings), as truckers are provided on mountain downgrades, when they have lost their brakes; but as in the turnoffs: everything must come to a stop. The stopping of commerce, always begs the question: “How are you going to restart it?”

      Despite these facts, the purveyors of optimism lull the ignorant with lies and platitudes, too numerous to list at this time. History is what is important. George Santanya taught: “Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”

      Today, some of the tools are already in place to seize worldwide power.

      With the popularity of credit and debit cards around the world; and having the infrastructure in place, as well, the stage is set. Today, food stamp programs that were renamed Electronic Benefits in 2004 (New York Times, June 23, 2004), as it was less stigmatizing, are distributed by means of debit cards. On April 19, 2010, the New York Times announced that beginning March 2011, people who sign up to receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans, Railroad Retirement and Office of Personnel Management benefits must use direct deposit or a Treasury Debit Card. The rule extended to existing beneficiaries in March 2013. Moreover, many people now have their wages deposited in debit card accounts, mandated by their employer.

      For those that lack a debit or a credit card, they will be allowed to withdraw funds by applying for a debit card, which will be funded by existing cash and scheduled automatic deposits. The banks will be mandated to re-open, as soon as possible, after a surprise closing, for the sole purpose of facilitating this initial demand for debit cards and their funding. Moreover, those receiving Social Security and welfare payments will lessen this demand, as many of them are already in an automatic deposit program. Today, the need to make cash withdrawals is already unnecessary for many, as the use of debit and credit cards is commonplace. Moreover, the linking of checking, debit cards and income deposits would be a natural option for the affluent, computer oriented consumer, who might welcome the freedom from carrying cash.

      Cash deposits of greater then $200 a week (by example) for a predetermined transition period would be frozen until the government (another government bureaucracy) could verify the source of these monies. Drug dealers, illegal immigrants and other criminals would soon bear scrutiny or eat their cash to the delight of the government that printed it. A submissive population would welcome this cashless society, as crime would be epidemic, at this chaotic point of near collapse for most governments. Whether the USA would be the first is problematic, but soon all nations would give up their sovereignty for the stability and other benefits that such a system would offer. Moreover, there would be no other choice.

      A computer program, which could already be in existence, would analyze GNP and debt of a country and would end currency speculation, as computers would determine the value of each nation’s currency on a regular basis out to several digits to the right of the decimal point. Depending on how astronomical, hyperinflation had grown in a nation, this now World Government could put the numbers in check by changing a number in the exchange rate. This would make the pain/gain distribution equal and enable a government to transfer the responsibility to the World Government, which could redistribute wealth around the world, instantaneously, with a couple clicks of a mouse and accompanying keystrokes. Moreover, this World Government would have overcome the ineffective use of sanctions to reign in rogue nations. A simple adjustment of a number or two in this country’s currency exchange rate would instantly punish the country’s entire population. Furthermore, inflation could be quickly addressed in a country by micromanaging credit card interest rates and adjusting the prime interest rate. Debit cards would not honor overcharges, while debt maximums on credit cards would be an opportunity for political favoritism, extortion, pure punishment and other mischief by a demonic government.

      With every consumer having a debit and/or credit card in place, restarting commerce would be relatively easy, as food banks, soup kitchens and other such charities would provide for those who had fallen through the cracks. In addition, cash between individuals would continue to be legal. With no more being printed, it would soon wear out and its rapid devaluation in the private sector would quickly end the practice. Opting out of the system by a government would be unthinkable, as this World Government would now have the power to control international buying and selling. Not surprisingly, this is one of the requirements of its leader: "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev. 13:17). Moreover, implanting an identification chip is routinely done today in domestic animals from the barnyard to the kennel and in the study and research of wild animals. The chip would contain pertinent information, quickly enhancing the identification of “John Does”, and could be linked to an identifying physical characteristic, such as eye retina scan and a photograph and/or a bar code, as having this redundancy would reduce identity theft. All the proceeding would make it very salable to a frightened population that was interested in law and order or simply EATING.

      In addition, a large standing army would be necessary to control the populations of countries worldwide. This need for defense from its own people would be mandated, as each country’s collapse grew inevitable. Today, this is already the situation in many lands around the globe, as well as the USA. Furthermore, it is here that we see the source for the large military force, which is required for that final biblical battle, found in The Revelation 16:16. For those who have a problem with the United State's military turning upon its fellow citizens, you must eliminate from your mind the noble military created by the entertainment industry, and visualize the worst of the worst, third world military, created by this same industry.

      Today, the number one terrorist organization in the world, ISIS, has unlimited funding with no end in sight of its main source: OIL. I foresee no possible way to cut the head off this snake, other than by the preceding “financial adjustment.”

      As I have continued to proof read The Coming Financial Adjustment, I began to contemplate the timing for such an event. My first thoughts are that the future world leader would not have the time or political power to engineer such an event, knowing only the use of brutal force. Therefore, I believe that the start of this “adjustment” will take place almost immediately before the Rapture of the Church. Once in place, events will move very quickly to the arrival of the Antichrist and the other six seals of the Tribulation. The chaos of the “Adjustment” will help minimize the question, “Where did those people go?” “Sureley I come quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Rev. 22:20).