Gary Snyder

      While experiencing life through the confines of a physical embodiment we are limited in inner and outer observations or perceptions by a series of filters that cloud our view in the experiences of life. We view things conditioned by our connection. That connection uses a computerized device called a brain to interpret the experiences that we are encountering. Depending on the filters: and these cover a wide range of devices. Ego is one, imagination, emotions, attachments, sickness, pollutants in the body, such as smoking, drinking, and drugs. The more that are in place the more clouded the perception. Genes also can be a filter by having created abnormalities in the body system. Our system's weaknesses can put stumbling blocks in the perception of reality. The thinking process will place filters one after the other by the thought patterns that are transferred in the brain by electrical impulses, embedding the cells with negative impulses that help pollute the body through cell splitting over a period of time.

      Tension and fear become filter blocks that can practically paralyze the body and in return effect the brain impulses that create the outward and inner perceptions. If a person can begin to re-direct or eliminate the filters, the connection with higher elements in the system, operating in this world, can begin a better focus and in return begin the slow process of opening doors to fantastic experiences. Changing ones filters requires a shift in focus and a new set of paradigms to get the aberrations from one's inner and outer structure. This body that we deal with every day can truly be a vehicle to experience a tremendous flow of energy and spiritual wonder . There has to be a need to find something beyond the human level of reality with the elimination or shading of the filters.