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The Prevention of Cruelty to Feed Animals


James Adrian

      When I was in the Marine Corps, I once volunteered to be subjected to a choke hold as a demonstration. I fainted without any sense of being deprived of air, and without any pain or discomfort. The hold was released after a few seconds and I awoke unharmed. I had no broken bones, no cuts, and no bruises.

      From the unconscious state imposed by the coke hold, a person or animal would die without regaining consciousness if the hold were extended beyond a very short time.

      We eat meat to obtain protein. In fact, it is not the protein that our bodies are looking for. It is the amino acids we obtain when we digest protein. It might be a century of more before we can economically mass produce amino acids and present them to the public in an attractive form. In the meantime, we feel it is necessary to raise and kill feed animals.

      As I recommend in other articles such as Diabetes, I eat mostly chicken and turkey, and on rare occasions, I eat fish.

      Chicken and turkey can be killed without pain or discomfort by restricting blood flow to the brain. This can be done inexpensively.

      If you or your organization have an interest in implementing a plan to change the way these animals are killed, I want to help.


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