The Defense of Plainville
James Adrian

July 20, 2023

      If you are alive today on Earth, you have been born into a world of barbarians - barbarians who believe that life could not be otherwise.

      Whether from a fanciful dream, or the words of a spirit guide, or discerned by means of clairvoyance, the story has been told. Whether it is about the past, or the future, or events on Earth; or whether it is about the happenings of places elsewhere, does not matter.


      Ronic walks fast toward a well-populated tent as his long run concludes. This runner's entrance is greeted warmly, and with curiosity. "Rest yourself, Ronic." "Any news?" He collects himself and begins to speak:

      "I was able to get quite close. They spoke of moonlight and the absence of rain. They are waiting."

      Almost everybody in the village had spent some of their time helping to build the moats and nets in anticipation of attacks by their neighbors. The motivations for the attacks prompted many guesses, but the explanation "misled" became the consensus.

      The children of Plainville were not encouraged, by example or otherwise, to believe that resentment could make sense. There were other differences.

      Many prisoners were taken every year by the people of Plainville. This was the direct result of their efforts to minimize injury to attackers. Their treatment of prisoners caused nearly all of them to join the culture of Plainville. Consequently, Plainville grew in population, and many times, Plainville was enthusiastically asked to accepted the joining of neighboring lands.

      When Plainville was still a very small village, an elderly man by the name of Arr became intrigued by something said by a two-year-old girl playing with carved wooden figurines on the ground nearby. The child said "Invite them." Another child had been fantasizing about a battle between figurines. Days later, Arr asked for the attention of a large gathering to say what he had been thinking about. Among other things, he said "If we are brave, we will be inventive."


      The origin of the story is not known.



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