Electronic Checks
James Adrian
      To promote upward mobility, improve the economy, and increase participation in small business (especially on the Internet), all banks should allow their customers to send an electronic check to any other person who has a checking account, and without bank charges. Many banks allow this, but some banks do not.

      Free personal money transfers would avoid the complexity and cost of credit card processing. This is especially useful in the case of one-time sales, intermittent business activity, and low-tragic websites.

      If you have a person's account number and routing number you should be able to send that person money.

      My account number is 1376194583 and the routing number of my bank is 222371863. I have no reluctance to publish these numbers.

      Your banking numbers (the ones on your check) do not enable others to withdraw money from your account.

      Whenever you give somebody a check, you are giving them both of these numbers. There is no security issue.

      This also increases competition and avails customers of greater choice.

      I strongly advocate the universal adoption of this very useful banking policy, which is already adopted by many but not all banks. I hope that you can help bring that about.