Future Beacon

“Persistence alone is omnipotent.” - Calvin Coolidge

We all have times when we think and feel discouraged or impatient that something or someone is not coming through for us, or that we will not attain a certain goal. We are very vulnerable at such points in our life to giving up. Woody Allen has been credited with the phrase “90% of success is showing up.” We do indeed have to keep showing up to do what is ours to do toward success, whatever that success is. It may be gaining financially, establishing a satisfying relationship, improving our health or completing a college course with a good grade.

We need to assess our strengths and use them. The more we do the stronger we get. The more we persist the longer we can stay the course. The longer we stay the course, the more success blooms in our lives.

Just do it and keep on doing what is yours to do. It really does pay off in so many ways to increase your health and happiness. Say a loud “NO!” to thoughts of defeat. Declare a big “YES!” to success.

            -Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP