How often do we find ourselves criticizing and judging ourselves harshly, even for the smallest of things, like misplacing a book or the car keys? How often do we look in the mirror and instead of saying “I am looking good”, we say “UGH” and worse? It seems more the norm that people find fault with things, other people, and most importantly find fault with themselves as an automatic reaction. It’s a life style! Not a good one. As we learn to focus on our assets, those positive qualities about ourselves, we become less critical. Amazing how we become less critical not only about ourselves but about others and situations as well.

      Can’t we all use more of focusing on good stuff? Knowing we have the power to change our thinking is first. Let us decide to trust we can indeed shift our thinking (which becomes how we feel and act) from self-criticism to self-worth; from self-doubt to confidence; from railing against what we don’t like to living in acceptance and appreciation.

      Change is an inside job. First and foremost, do not compare yourself to others. Assume we are all different but equal. Second list your good qualities and what you do which brings you satisfaction. It may be your wonderful sense of humor; your ability to work through and solve problems; practicing a healthy life-style; being compassionate and so forth.

      Focus on what is beautiful in you and in what you do. Your sense of self-worth will bloom into present day reality. Keep blooming today. Let go of any past negative perceptions and forgive yourself. This way you live fully in today. Today is a beautiful day. Just decide to look through the right lens to see it.

Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP