Life has a way of challenging us…we want predictability; we want certainty. Often, we are able to live in the unchallenged illusion that we can depend on our lives going the way we expect. We basically depend on things keeping a steady course.

      One of the strange phenomena of being human is that we work so hard keeping what we have and maintaining the status quo (even if it is a habit of worrying!) that we are shocked, dismayed and may even feel betrayed by life when the unexpected happens.

      Just maybe the challenge of the shockingly unexpected has a hidden gift: opening our thinking to a new level of growth. It may jar our comfortable illusion which tells us life will keep a steady course. None-the-less, the unexpected opens us up to new possibilities even if temporarily painful.

      It is strange that even giving up the habits of feeling bad about ourselves, worrying to nauseum, and cranking up justified anger are hard to let go of because it is what we are used to. They are for better or worse part of what we hold onto to keep our sense of certainty.

      Perhaps it is time to think differently and give ourselves the chance to take advantage of change. Perhaps it is time to embrace the bend in the road and embrace the unpredictable with love and trust. Love ourselves and others. Trust we will grow, get stronger, and be okay, and likely be better than before.

Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP