"Do not consider painful what is good for you."
- Euripides
      Living well requires positive action on our part to do what is necessary for our overall health and deep satisfaction in life. We need to set firm and healthy boundaries for what is ours to do and what is NOT ours to do…then act accordingly. Change the script which says, “It’s so hard to eat healthy; so hard to set time to meditate; so hard to pursue my passion. The list of life passions and inspirations is as long as the number of people who have desire for a fulfilled life. However, doing what is ours to do must be done in order to live life well.

      I have said too many times to count, “In life there is necessary pain and unnecessary pain.” It is unnecessary pain to avoid, procrastinate and put off taking action on the things that are mine to do. Like rid myself of useless guilt or unfounded fears or destructive hopelessness. It is my job to use myself and skills to have a satisfying life, even if it is just doing woodworking and loving my family.

      My life does not need to be front page news. I do not need to be the “best” at anything or win accolades. Living is an inside job which requires honest humility and the strength which emerges from an unfettered love for life.

      How do we get to this place? Yet again, it is in the doing of it. Being honest without fear or self-flagellation to do the opposite of what is blocking you from doing the actions needed to live and love well is necessary action. Stop considering this action a painful chore. Start considering it an adventure.

Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP