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Fraudulent Fear

      When fear is a fraud it slithers in like a yellow tongued snake, hiding in the camouflage of what seems to be rational thought to poison our joy, to poison our lives. Fraudulent Fear can impact us so severely, we feel like we are climbing our way through a huge mountainous terrain just to get from morning to night. We become exhausted. We become overwhelmed. Just the notion of living life with zeal and ease is ludicrous to us.

      A normal, healthy fear response in and of itself is a gift of survival. When needed fear saves us from predators by spiking our adrenaline so we have the strength to fight a threat to our life or the strength to run like an Olympic sprinter to escape grave harm.

      Unfortunately, our systems also react with fear when there is no need; even when it sabotages us. When fear is not needed and we react with fear despite it being unnecessary we all too often wind up hurting ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. The harm runs the gambit of high blood pressure, great angst, and a variety of anxiety disorders.

      Fraudulent Fear is a different phenomenon from healthy survival fear. It does not promote our survival. Instead it steals our well-being. Fraudulent Fear is insidious. We are mostly unaware of how this fraud entraps us, causing great harm until it is a well established disorder inflicting significant dis-ease. If we are fortunate, we can stop fraudulent fear in its tracks earlier rather than later with a large therapeutic dose of truth.

      Unfortunately, truth can be rejected when Fraudulent Fear has taken full hold of our belief system. Many Clients of mine have discovered in their quest to rid themselves of unreasonable fears, that surprisingly they feel safer believing in things Fraudulent Fear has instilled them. I have been told by Clients with stark honesty “I believe my fear keeps me safe.” This is an insight into the resistance which keeps popping up to stop us from letting go of unhealthy fear. The mind does not yet fathom the concept: “Truth can bring freedom” because Fraudulent Fear insists “It is petrifying to accept Truth because I will feel compelled to change; compelled to think and behave differently.” These fears born of false beliefs strangely, menacingly, become a familiar friend, a life companion, despite the reality that Fraudulent Fear is a crippling abuser.

      We are fighting a battle with Truth versus Fraudulent Fear. This battle in itself can be exhausting, even debilitating. If not persistent, we regrettably give up our quest, relapsing back into the straight-jacket of Fraudulent Fear. The key here is to declare: “Fraudulent Fear does NOT keep me safe!”

      Yes, there is always a chance something awful can happen. But if we let those thoughts rule we have given away our power to live well, and to handle challenges with self-empowerment when they do occur. The consequence of choosing to let fear take over is we lose quality of life.

      What to do about fear? Determine if the fear is real or a fraud. Face your fear and walk through it. In doing so you there is great relief. You realize you do not die; nor do you collapse into a puddle.

      Truth: Most of the things we fear are catastrophic ideas in our heads that are not likely to happen. Truth: We can choose to be happy and enjoy the adventure life presents us with each day. We are able to blow Fraudulent Fear out of the water and out our lives. We have the power to choose Truth or choose Fraudulent Fear. Choose well.

            -Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP