Future Beacon

"Successful organizing is based on the recognition that people get organized because they, too, have a vision." - Paul Wellstone

To organize or not to organize that is the question. My answer is that getting organized in a fashion that serves you best is psychologically healthy and can lead to opening up more energy and focus to accomplish your “vision” and unleash your talents and potential. Many of us have challenges when it comes to getting and staying organized, whether it is in our homes, our work, or our thinking. People have motivation to get organized because they have a vision of what they want in their lives and have to prioritize the most important to the least important elements in order to attain their vision.

Often depression and/or anxiety lead to lower levels of functioning. Too often the organization component in our thinking gets compromised. Then we are left in a sea of floundering to and fro, just doing the minimum to get by instead of doing our best by tapping into our strength and skills. I believe that the old and worn out phrase, “Fake it till you make it” can have an interesting application here. It is like smiling. When you smile whether you feel like it or not is said to send signals to your brain to produce more endorphins (the happy chemicals). One advantage of organizing is to release the sense self-empowerment. You are creating higher functioning levels when organizing that likely lead to releasing more of your creative, intellectual, and even physical energy. When this happens you can better set your sights on the vision you have for your life and get ready to embrace it with enjoyment instead of fear and the loathing of self-rapprochement.

How do we getting started? First things first: Our thinking. We need to get real and face facts. Our time is limited. Our resources are finite. We cannot do everything we think of. We have to make CHOICES. Very important choices have to be made of what direction we want our lives to take; choices of what we like best and like least from the kind of people to the kind of objects we find most life enhancing for us; choices of what we are willing to let go of to make room for our top picks. We have to keep asking and answering important questions. We have to write down those answers and keep behaving in ways that get us closer to the vision we have for ourselves. Discipline…that word has such negative connotations. Even in Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary the first definition of discipline is PUNISHMENT (and yes it is capitalized). No wonder we startle back with such a history of understanding discipline in this way. But looking into the second definition of discipline as a verb Webster says “to train or develop by instruction and exercise esp. in self-control.” Well, yes it does take practicing our self-control to organize our thinking, our homes, our work and all that we have to deal with in our lives. It is therefore an important choice we have to make whether we will chose to practice the discipline to become organized. Practice may not make us perfect. Practice does however increase our skills. The more we practice organizing the better we get at doing it; and the closer we get to a purposeful life.

So I am here offering encouragement to take on the challenge of organization. Take on the challenge in order to have a life that is lived with more productivity and enjoyment. Let us make choices for our betterment. Hold on to hope and new beginnings. Open the door to increasing organization skills and ask for any help needed to obtain the vision. Organizing our lives has the added benefit of making us feel more emotionally stable so that we don’t hold ourselves back.

            -Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP