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Jesus Is Not Violent

James Adrian
      Gene Sharp has proved that dictators can be deposed by non-violent means. Gandhi has proved that a colonial power like Great Britain can be persuaded to leave India as a result of entirely non-violent protests on the part of the citizens of India. The non-violent protests inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. achieved monumental civil-rights reforms. Jesus was as non-violent as any of these people and more so. I'm sure that a great many people understand Jesus to be more non-violent than any other person born.

      Why then, is Jesus reported to have advised people to trade their cloak for a sword if things get too difficult? (See Luke 22:36.) Why do Christian Churches prefer to believe that Jesus sometimes acted out of anger?

      It might surprise you to find that there are parts of Bible that are not literally true. There is a good example of a false passage being expunged from the New Testament by virtually all Christian Churches: It is the Gospel of Thomas. Section 114 claimed that women cannot go to heaven unless they are transformed into a man.

      How could this happen?

      The writings and translations of ancient scripture are writings and translations of men who could not conceive of a non-violent world. Jesus did.

      Martin Luther created a new church for good reasons, but not for this reason. It is time for a third church.