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Free Enterprise Revival


James Adrian
Dear Mr. President,

      Returning to the Free Enterprise enjoyed in the time of Benjamin Franklin does not require compromising the progress we have made since then in justice, health, and safety. There is no constructive purpose behind zoning laws that hinder unobtrusive home businesses, or the bias against self employment in early public education, or legislative action that tends to protect the largest businesses from new competition.

      While I wish for less government regulation and less interference with business practices, the situation has become so biased against the traditional entrepreneur that I feel that government encouragement of certain business actions is appropriate, and I hope that you agree.

      The franchise is fabulous innovation, but it seems not to have been used in manufacturing. Some companies fear that franchising the making of products could compromise trade secrets; but there are many millions of small products that can be made using public-domain information. After all, the idea of patents was to eventually bring such information into the public domain.

      It is my understanding that in many states, if not all, a 501C3 corporation can own a majority of the voting stock of a thoroughly profit oriented corporation, and in fact help form it, or form it on is own. Charitable organizations can go where stockholders may fear to tread. Even the federal government could establish such an organization. They could move to a minority stock ownership position when its new startups are strong enough.

      The current pandemic prompted me to buy a protective face shield. It does not fog up, it is comfortable in hot weather, it is easy to put on, it does not hide my identity, I did not need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and it is not patentable. It is wonderful - except that it was made in China. I found that every part and material substance needed to make such a mask is made where I live in Rochester, NY.

      The obvious plan is to become a national maker of these face shields, but, believing in the related markets as I do, it is in my long-term financial interest to help create at least one face-shield maker in each American city.

      I am not interested in recruiting participants who have lots of money. I hope that people who have a garage can use it for fabrication, assembly, and packaging, so long as they don't disrupt the neighborhood. I hope that what a person does in their own apartment is not scrutinized for unwanted business activity. I hope that someday soon, the discouragement will go away and the relevant information will be readily available in every technology. In such an environment I would prosper.

      The best policies are made by people who care about the well being and happiness of everybody.

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